Originally we intended to build two studios that we could use for our own projects and productions. We ended up with two good control rooms, a recording area with a killer drum sound and a room that was thought of as the reception area that proved to be perfect for the recording of vocals, horns and strings.

We have since expanded the first floor with three new recording rooms and an independent control room with access to several recording areas with the idea for use in tracking vocals/guitars/bass etc.


We now find ourselves with an excellent studio that we proudly make available to other artists and producers.

Who are we?


Leif Johansen has studied studio music and jazz at both The University of North Texas State and The University of Miami where his principal instrument was Upright and Electric Bass. 

Upon completion of his studies he started working with A-ha playing both Bass and programming/sequencing Keyboards. This caused him to relocate from America to England and opened the door for collaborations as both musician, producer and composer with many London based international artists. Leif quickly switched over to start playing both guitar and keyboards professionally along with engineering and mixing. Leif has worked with the best engineers in the world-Mark "Spike" Stent, Chris Lord-Alge, Jason Corsaro o name a few which has truly made him a strong engineer today. 

Leif co-founded 21 Guns along with Scott Gorham (of Thin Lizzy fame), was a member of Far Corporation (along with Simon Phillips and Bobby Kimbal), and produced the Phenomena records(Glenn Hughes, John Wetton, Brian May etc.) amongst other projects. After establishing Stable Studios he has produced and or engineered/mixed Rita Eriksen, Jan Eggum, Kaia Huuse, Grete Svensen, Sigrun and the Kitchen Band, 21 Guns, Anne Grete Preus, Silje Nergaard, Morten Harket, and Carola to name a few. 


Stable Studios AS
Oscarsgte 73, 0256 OSLO Norway